MX Player APK Download v1.41.1 Beta

With hardware-acceleration and subtitles, MX Player Pro is a fast video player. It’s the best way to watch a movie, in my opinion.

With the new HW+ decoder, more videos can take advantage of hardware acceleration. You don’t have to install an additional codec package unless MX Player asks you to do so on the first run. The first Android video player that supports multi-core decoding is MX Player. In tests, dual-core smartphones outperform single-core devices by as much as 70 percent.

You can also zoom in and out by pinching or swiping across the screen with MX Player’s pinch and swipe controls. Obtaining the Mx Player Pro APK is a breeze. The player supports subtitle movements. If you want to go back or forward in the text, scroll up or down. Using the up/down buttons, you can scroll the text up and down.

Using the Kids Lock feature, you can keep your kids occupied without having to worry about making phone calls or using other apps. (Requires a plugin to be installed)

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Information about the MX Player Pro APK

This is a premium version of MX Player for Pc that offers ad-free video playback. Designed to be lightweight and small, it has only the essential functions. This means that several features, such as online videos may not be available at this time. HARDWARE ENHANCEMENT. More videos can now take advantage of hardware acceleration thanks to the new HW + decoder.

Decoding of -cores According to the results of the tests, dual-core smartphones perform up to 70% better than single-core devices. You can zoom in and out by squeezing and sliding your finger across the screen. As an additional option, you can use pan and zoom. MX player pro 2021 mod apk is now available for download.

Mx Player Pro 1.36.11 Mod Apk's Newest Features

  1. a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION — More videos can benefit from hardware acceleration, with the new HW+ decoder.
  2. b) MULTI-CORE DECODING — For Android to enable multi-core decoding, MX Player APK is the first video player. The results of the tests revealed that dual-core devices perform up to 70% better than single-core devices.
  3. c) PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN – Pinch and swipe across the screen to zoom in and out. Optional pan and zoom are also available.
  4. d) SUBTITLE GESTURES – To navigate to the next/previous text, scroll forward/backwards.
  5. e) KIDS LOCK – Keep your kids occupied without worrying about them making phone calls or touching other apps. (Requires the use of a plugin)

Subtitle Formats Available on The App For Mx Player And Pro Version

  • Subrip is available format.
  • Mpl2 with the suffix
  • There is an mpl subtitle available.
  • Subtitles in Teletext format are available.
  • A webvtt file with the.vtt extension is available.

Other formats of subtitle for the video Player include substation, dvd, ssa, same, ass, and more. You can download download MX Player audio codec.

Additional Video Player Features:

The app’s menu or display view has been changed for the optimum viewing experience. The visual for the app’s life version is nicely optimised, with numerous languages incorporated.

Characteristics of the Video Player in the Mod Version

  • Ad-free, which means no advertisements will be put or available on the app.
  • The app’s name was changed from MX Player to MX Video Player.
  • The app’s application or video player app is nicely optimised.
  • There are a few other features that you will discover after you download the programme.

Where Can I Get Mx Player Pro 1.36.11 Mod Apk?

Here is how to download mx player mod apk

  1. There is a link for mx player pro apk download to the current version of MX Player Pro.
  2. A single download link for mx player mod apk download will list different versions, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  3. For older Android versions, 32 bit, and for newer Android versions, 64 bit.
  4. To download mx player pro latest version, choose a version that is appropriate for your device.
  5. Select the app mx player apk to begin downloading, and it will start immediately.

How to Set Up:

  • For mx player pro free download go to the programme or apk you just downloaded and look for it.
  • To begin the installation of mx player ad free apk, click on it.
  • Give the programme permission to install.
  • Your installation will go off without a hitch.


Have you already downloaded MX Player Pro APK? If not download today, it is now available for download.


  1. How can I get Mx Player Pro Apk?

Visit MXPlayer Pro APK and click the download button to get the file downloaded to your system automatically.

  1. What is the procedure for installing MX Player Pro APK?


After you’ve downloaded MX Player Pro APK, go to your downloads folder or wherever you saved the file and double-click the file. After that, the installation process will start right away. Simply follow each step’s instructions.

  1. How can I get the latest version of MX Player Pro Apk?

Always check for updates on MX Player Pro APK. If an update is available, click the download option and install the APK to bring your current version up to date.